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A revolutionary approach to managing Type 1 Diabetes

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Kris Britt


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Jessica Adkins


We'll help you successfully connect real life with type 1 diabetes

"We practice 'real life diabetes' because this is so unbelievably personal to us"


We're Jessica and Kris, and we want to introduce ourselves.

There's a long story about how we met, how we decided to open a full-service diabetes center in Savannah, Georgia exclusively for people with type 1 diabetes, and how we dedicate ourselves to T1D, but the first thing we want you to know is that we're both parents of children with T1D, and we practice 'real-life diabetes' because this is so personal to us. We're not just diabetes coach.  We're also not just T1D providers.  We're all of it.  And we can help you.

We understand your annoyances, anxieties, and fears. We've been in your shoes, and we understand how painful a new diagnosis may be and how much it can interrupt your life.

But we also know how it feels to go through all of the baggage that a T1D diagnosis entails, as well as the triumph and sense of normalcy that can come with it.


We can support you through a similar experience! We're genuinely looking forward to getting to know you and hearing about your diabetes journey.

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Turn diabetes data into fuel for change

Get the support and tools to improve glucose control

Get back the joy you had before diabetes

"You have to find a place for T1D in your life but it shouldn't be in the center.  Life should never revolve around diabetes."

Learn to manage without compromising the things you love


Get a fully customized plan using all of our resources

Tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle

"You are more than just your data...the combination of frustrations, fears, anxieties and all the ways diabetes gets in the way equals an A1C, GMI, glucose value."

A Large Group of Diverse Colorful Happy

join a community of others just like you

"If we can decrease your frustration, the data and metrics will follow.  It's that simple!"

T1D Revolution is the Way That...

...people with type 1 diabetes can receive the full attention of the medical profession


...time spent with patients and positive patient outcomes are held in the highest regard


...the needs of the whole individual and family are addressed

...Diabetes self management education turns into Diabetes self management skills


...the management of diabetes is filtered through the lens of real life