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Whatt is T1DR for Caregivers?


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Patient Stories



Meet Emilia.  She was diagnosed at 6 months of age and spent a week in the ICU.  When her family finally made it to us she was almost 9 months old.  Her mom and dad were checking fingerstick glucose levels 12-14x daily, giving long acting insulin daily and rapid acting insulin only for glucose levels over 350.  They were 10/10 frustrated and felt like there had to be a better way to manage their daughter, spend their days less frustrated and get some sleep at night.

We sorted through their frustrations, came up with a game plan and put a pump and CGM on her during the very first visit.  She took it like a champ!  Now two years old, she's busier, more opinionated and very much settling into toddler life.  Diabetes still gets frustrating.  Her amazing mom and dad still have moments where they need more help than others.  The difference now is that they have a team surrounding them.  Occasionally, we even remotely look at her data so that adjustments can be made from the comfort of their home.

  • How do I know if my life is revolving around diabetes?
    Do you remember the Jeff Foxworthy “You might be a redneck jokes?”...well... Your life might be revolving around diabetes if: of your first thoughts of the day centers on “how the night went”, pick your child up from school and one of the first questions is, “how was your blood sugar today?” ...your entire evening is spent making sure that blood sugars are solid overnight talk about diabetes more than 5 minutes/day stare at your child’s CGM all day text, email, call the school nurse multiple times daily/weekly ...your child isn’t allowed to go to close friends or relatives houses because “they don’t know how to manage T1D”
  • What makes you different?
    -We are both parents of T1D kiddos. We don’t get breaks from T1D and we’re not simply interested in textbook answers. You can trust that we are practicing (or at least trying to practice) the advice that we give. -Sometimes you just need to see us more frequently. We’re not interested in creating a model centered around the Industry-standard 3-month f/u. -We are accessible, if you need us we are available. We’ve implemented several systems that ensure you can reach us when it counts. -We believe you are more than your data. -We address the emotional side of T1D before addressing the metrics, all-the-while looking at both as complementary and necessary.
  • How do I know this is not going to be just another attempt to sell me something?
    T1DR is far too personal to us for it to be centered around money. Yes, anyone offering a specialized and unique service has to charge fees but we promise to give you not just a service but ourselves, our story, our lessons learned. We do know however, for you to be able to believe this, we have to get “in front of you” so that you can get to know us first. So this is where the 1-on-1 call comes into play.
  • How do I know that I can trust you?
    Well, this is a tricky one for sure. Trust is difficult to build and easy to break. We often joke with our patients saying things like, “we’re going to get all in your business!”. But it's true. We want to know you and trust is built in relationships. We want to know your story, your struggles, your frustrations, your strengths and weaknesses. We want to be in community with you so that we can customize our care for you and your family. We have taken this approach with every single patient. Those that have chosen to interact with us in this way have figured out that we back up what we promise.

In the end, we are both parents just like you. We get overwhelmed like you, juggle diabetes like you and struggle with trust like you.


You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain


Jessica and Kris


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