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Inpatient Medical Professional



How this resource benefits your facility

It is not always possible to hire a diabetes educator for inpatient needs.  Fiscal hurdles are typically the largest reason for this due to the difficulty in justifying an additional employee if the inflow of patients doesn't financially support the position.  In addition, many educators are only skilled at educating either adults or pediatrics but not both.  Furthermore, diabetes education is a bundled service in most circumstances and ultimately costs more than a facility will make from the service.  Yet, most agree that this service is vital to provide because of the benefit to the patients.

A full time diabetes educator costs approximately $55-75K/yr. depending on the size and location of the facility.  It is because of this costs that many facilities opt to hire part time diabetes educators.  Unfortunately, the timing of a diabetes admission cannot be predicted, posing constraints on what the hospital can do with these part time positions. 


This resource can be moderated by most qualified providers in the inpatient setting and is not limited to one type of medical professional.  Though the moderating provider and/or medical team is encouraged to reinforce the material,  the resource is the primary means of education and can stand alone. 

How this resource is structured

There are 3 primary sections:  Science, Skills &  Surprises.  Each has a set of videos with online modules that test the knowledge of the patient.  The modules are structured in such a way that when a question is answered incorrectly it provides an easy-to-understand rationale for why the answer is wrong and ultimately leads the patient to the correct answer.

How this resource can help you

Though the classic symptoms, alongside some pretty basic blood work, make it fairly easy to diagnose type 1 diabetes, medically managing and educating are not always as straightforward.  What comes after the diagnosis is often quite frustrating for the provider and patient alike.  So what does come AFTER a patient is diagnosed in your facility?  What type of insulin regimen do you put them on?  What is the best approach for properly educating?  What knowledge can they actually handle?  And how do you test their knowledge before discharge?

That's where WE come in.  We're experts in the diagnosis, medical management and education of patients with Type 1 Diabetes.  It's literally all we do.  This resource puts the tools we use every day right at YOUR fingertips and places the burden on OUR shoulders.

This step-by-step, video-based resource walks your newly diagnosed patient or the readmission that you just can't seem to keep out of the hospital from knowing absolutely nothing about T1D to mastering the basics. 


Ultimately, the completion of this inpatient resource will allow you to discharge your patients, knowing that they have the tools to successfully self-manage type one diabetes at home.  

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